Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Don't you think this drawing is so child-like? So cute! Haha.. I had to fetch my friend but I don't know where she stays so she drew me this. LoL.. Charlene funny la you!

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Today's my birthday!

Yes today's my birthday but I celebrated it with a few of my old friends last night at Punggol Park.(Ha!) It was very simple and sweet. Sadly, two pictures were taken because my camera battery went flat and I've failed to realise that I have a camera phone! PffT!

This is one of my best buddy. ;]

Train Ride

Do you take the MRT train most of the time? I do. Come to think about it, taking a train is rather interesting than taking a bus because you get to see everyone up front. There're people from all walks of life, big and small, mother and child, aunties gossiping, old perverted uncles ogling at skimpy clothed girls and etc. I thought these would keep you entertained throughout the whole journey rather than mobile TVs.

For those who rarely take a train, let me show you some of the few passengers that kept me entertained. ;)

*Take notice of that woman in the middle.*

As usual, I look around the train observing people, things and yada yada.. I did saw that woman and there was nothing special so I thought of shifting my attention towards a handsome looking boy sitting further up left and when I was about to turn...

Look at the way she sits as well! If you can't close your legs because your thighs are freaking fat, wear a pants then! No wonder the uncle sitting beside me was so still and quiet, I bet he saw worms crawling.

I'm fine with people digging, biting their nails or any other bad habit you can name of but they do it for just a short while you see. This aunty has been digging her ears and biting her nails for the past 15 minutes!!! YUCK!

Do you know what disgust me the most after she bit and digged?

ARGH!!! It was so bloody disturbing! I had the very urge to slap her hard in her fat ugly face but I was afraid her head might explode. Fuck!

Set aside that disgusting image, let's look at those really cute and funny passenger.

Uncle wake up!

Who let the dogs out! Woof Woof Woof!

This is the best! This uncle is so cute and funny! Wahaha!